Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shatin - The Town of Olympic

The Equesrtian Events of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic will be held in Hong Kong. The mave venue of the competition is located at Shatin, one of a town in Hong Kong. Moreover, the two major hotels in this district are act as Hong Kong Olympic Village.

The participating team members and media workers are living in these two hotels during the games. Moreover, the district is decorated with different kind of Olympic atomsphere.

New Town Plaza, one of the main shopping mall in Shatin, decorate with several Olympic exhibition and shows. Shatin Town Hall and Shatin Central Park, which is beside New Town Plaza, also converting to a Olympic Culture Area and City Art Square.

Information of Equesrtian Events of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic:

New Town Plaza -

New Town Plaza, Shatin Town Hall, Shatin Central Park -
Transport: Exit A, Shatin MTR

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