Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Park Island (Ma Wan Island)

We receive several request about Park Island, since some of you may watch the TV Series (The 7th Day), which was mainly shot in Park Island. This is an island located under the Tsing Ma Bridge, which is an old village in the past, and the northern part of the island is now developed to a large private estate and a public park.

The island is originally named Ma Wan (馬灣) and the private estate is called Park Island (柏麗灣), so, people called Ma Wan as Park Island nowadays.

Ferries are operated in between Central and Tsuen Wan to connect Ma Wan, after Park Island is introduced. The management company also operate the public area in Ma Wan. It is special that people like to take dogs to Ma Wan, since the pets are allowed to carry to the ferries to Ma Wan.

Ma Wan Park and Tung Wan Beach is the main public recreational area in ma Wan. People can enjoy the great view under Tsing Ma Bridge in Tung Wan Beach. The sand is soft and the water is so clear here, "Kup Shui Mun (汲水門)" is the east gate of the Victoria Harbour, which is besides Ma Wan.

The first phase of Ma Wan Park is a "General Education" park in Hong Kong, so basic information of plants and trees in Hong Kong are introduce here. Paintings on walls and stones also generate very good art atmosphere in the park. Please can enjoy half day here, walking up and down, taking picture in the park.

Another part of Ma Wan Park is called "Ark Park", which is a theme park of Noah Ark, the message of Lord is teaching here, however, it is not yet ready to open. It is supposed to be opened early 2009, hope you will enjoy this area when you visit Ma Wan.

You can also take a jogging at the seaside road of Park Island, also walking pass the old village to see the old style of Hong Kong living style in this island.

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Information of Ma Wan Park: 8am to 6pm everyday, last admission is 5pm

URL of Ma Wan Park - http://www.mawanpark.com/

Ferries to Ma Wan (Park Island) -
Tsuen Wan Ferry, Tsuen Wan West MTR
Pier 2, Central Ferry, Hong Kong MTR

Bus to Ma Wan (Park Island) -
Tsuen Wan MTR
Kwai Fong MTR
Tsing Yi MTR
Airport MTR

The frequencies of the above bus and ferry can be found from the official web site - http://www.pitcl.com.hk/eng/html/bus.htm


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