Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Game, Comics and Cosplay

Online games, portable electronic games device, comics, animations are quite popular among the young generations in Hong Kong. Therefore, exhibitions, fairs and shows about such products are also popular in Hong Kong. Several events are held in the city among the year. For example Comic Festival and Game Show in the summer, and Animation and Comic Festival during Christmas.

These shows attract young people to join, other than the games and comics, they also like to collect the accessories of the games and comics. Moreover, during such events, cosplay show and competition are one of the major programme to attract people. Cosplayer are acting as a role play in the story of a comic, or game. They may dress up like the image of the comic and let people to take photos. For competitions, the cosplayer are trying their best to win the prize.

That's quite interesting and worth the see the young culture in Hong Kong.

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