Thursday, January 3, 2008

HK Marathon 2008, 17 Feb 2008

HK Marathon will be her 11th anniversary on 17 Feb 2008. It is a big Day for all runners.

HK Marathon is recognised as the biggest sport event in Hong Kong. Over 40000 runners participated in the 2007 contest.

I ran HK Marathon for 3 years and will join Half-Marathon (22km) this year. It is a really big physical and mental challenge to me.

Hong Kong citizens are becoming more aware of their health. We do exercise regularly.

Jogging and running are the most popular among the varieties of sports.

You can find quite a lot of people, either youngster or elderly running and jogging in the government owned running tracks.

More information about HK Marathon 2008 at HK Marathon.

The one in orange is me. hahaHA...

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Michael said...

Hi George.

Hope you have enjoyed it this year! It was perfect weather (dry and cool) and much better, without the 10 k crowds blocking the western tunnel! I finished my first full marathon, after half distance last year.

If you got hooked for more, I recommend to join one of the many other marathons in HK. Most also offer half distance and 10k. Check out for race dates.
Though, I guess, most of THIS season is over. My favourite was "China Coast" (in Sai Kung Country Park). It's more family style and less crowded.

Cheers - Bing