Monday, February 4, 2008

Red Pockets - Chinese New Year.


It has been two weeks since last update. The temperature in Hong Kong has been around 11 with cloudy sky and occasional showers for a week. It is my excuse for not updating the blog because I don't want to move in cold weather.

I have to say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!!!

The cold weather just matches the the festival atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Most Chinese people think that cold weather is more like a Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year will be on 7th Feb (Thursday). Usually, there will be 3 consecutive public holidays for the first three new year days. Traditionally, Chinese people visit their relatives and friends for celebration. Childrens and unmarried youngsters are very happy because they can receive RED POCKETS from their parents, relatives and married friends.

Giving Red Pocket( is money contained inside a red pocket) is a Chinese tradition which means fortune, prosperous future and good health to the red pocket receivers in the coming year. During the holidays, we will eat traditional Chinese foods. I will talk about the foods next time.

Have a nice day.

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