Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guangzhou cuisine

Guangzhou (Canton) Cuisine is popular in Hong Kong. You may find most of the typical Chinese restaurants are providing Canton Style menu.

Sizzling honey glazed barbecued pork $48
Signature crisp fried chicken $98
Wok fried tofu in abalone sauce $58
Salt grilled "bombay duck" fish $38
Sweet and sour port with pickled pink ginger $68
Mixed vegetables in lettuce wrap $68
Bird's nest in steamed milk pudding $38
Pomelo and sago in mango soup $24

1 comment:

George Lee said...

hi OnOn,

Thanks for your photos. I am imaging I am eating the pork.

The dishes are very attractive and the price is acceptable.

Can you give me the name and the address of the restaurant?

thanks a lot.