Tuesday, March 18, 2008

China Space Expo – Space Odyssey

Discovering our space is one of the great curious topics in China. The history of studying our space has been applied in many different areas, such as fortune telling and farming. Nevertheless, the history of Chinese people traveling in space was not long until 2003, the first Chinese astronaut successfully stayed in space for 21 hours. It is the first step of China space exploration.

In Hong Kong, there is recently an expo related to China space exploration. I have visited this “China Space Expo – Space Odyssey” to understand the more about the history of space exploration in China. In this expo, you can see the ancient rocket used in Ming dynasty till the recent ShenZhou re-entry capsule. Space suit, astronaut sleeping bag, space water dispenser and space toilet were also displayed. In the area of space odyssey, you can also found the astronaut training equipment. There are also different test to see how fit you are, such as color blindness test, blood pressure measurement and hearing test. Test result showed that I have mild hearing deficit, since I cannot hear the sound of 500Hz. This show also provides chance for youth to understand more about space discovery, through simulation and control centers. I enjoyed understanding more about China space discovery. Finally, I bought a set of four 4D-puzzle there as souvenir. You can see the model astronaut.

[Special thanks to Tina Lee for devoting this blog]

Admission Fee: $80 (Weekdays) / $100 (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

Venue: Pop TV Arena, Austin Road West, West Kowloon

Transport: Exit A MTR Kowloon Station, KMB Route 8、11、203E、215X、270A

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