Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kowloon King, Hong Kong style Graffiti

"King of Kowloon" (九龍皇帝), the name which is deeply flashed in every Hong Kong citizen's memory. Tsang Jo Choi(曾灶財) is King of Kowloon. He just passed away (age 86) in July 2007. He is famous for his graffiti in public area. He claimed he is the king of Kowloon.

Many people think that he suffered from mental illness. but to me, he is a kind and an ordinary elderly. Anyway, his life and his graffiti have been a page in Hong Kong history.

I went to Olympican City located nearby Olympic MTR station for exhibition of the masterpieces by King of Kowloon today. Here are some of the pictures I took. :>


Edmond said...

I remember that I saw Mr Tsang having graffiti in Central District about 10 years ago. He was very concentrate on his painting at that moment. haa. :)

George Lee said...

Yes. I once saw him at the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Shui. He really concentrated on his creative writing on walls.

If you want to see his masterpiece, there is still one at Star Ferry Pier on one of the poles.