Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A warm dinner on Mid-Autumn festival

In Hong Kong, Chinese families will gather together for dinner during traditional Chinese festivals like the Mid-Autumn festival and Lunar Chinese New Year. Some families have their dinner in restaurants while some others will prepare dinner at home. Whatever it is, it is a good opportunity for gathering and social.

I think that eating culture can reflect the uniqueness of a country's culture. And Chinese food has a wide varieties of different foods. Even one family's dishes can be very different from another because their old families may come from different provinces of China.

Last night, my family gathered to have a wonderful dinner to celebrate mid-autumn festival. My mom be the chef of coz. We had steamed fish, chicken, steamed shrimps and soup. These are the most delicious dishes in my life. I love my family. After that, we played mahjong. Tell you, though I know how to play mahjong but I am not good at it and rarely play (once or twice a year during lunar Chinese new year). To my surprise, I winned 3 times last night. I cannnot believe it, haha.

Here are my mom's Chinese dishes. :>


Anonymous said...

these dishes are home-made? it looks attractive and professional. any recommendation of restaurants in hong kong serve such dishes?

George Lee said...

Yes. They are home-made and prepared by my mom in mid-autumn festival. They are yummy yummy...

By the way, there are lot of restaurant in Hong Kong serving these Chinese dishes. I once visited some of restaurants at Tsuen Wan (New Territories) like Eat Kong Nam(嚼江南) which serves Hong Chou dishes(杭州菜) and Kings' Lodge(霸王山莊) which serves northern China dishes. Of course, I think if you get friends in Hong Kong, let them invite you to take meal at home. :>