Monday, September 24, 2007

Lanterns (Mid Autumn Festival)

Mid Autumn festival is coming on 25 Sep. Families in Hong Kong will get prepared to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival. We will buy mooncakes, some seasonal fruits like apples, pears (梨), peaches (桃), grapes, pomegranates (石榴) , melons, oranges and pomelos (柚子). My mother will prepare a great dinner for the family on that day. Yummy Yummy...

I remember that in my childhood, my mom took me, my sister and brother to buy lanterns every mid-autumn festival. It is quite funny that eveytime, my sister chose rabbit lantern, I chose an aeroplane lantern and my brother chose tank lantern. haha... I really miss the lanterns I played in the past.

The craftsmanship of the traditional lanterns are much better than nowaday's plastic ones. I took some pictures yesterday at Sham Shui Po where there are around 4 or 5 stores selling lanterns. The stores hang their lanterns on front of their stores to get attention from customers. The lanterns comes from different sizes, shapes, colors. They are very beautiful indeed. I found a big white and color rabbit lanterns which are the same as I played in my old days. They each cost about HK$70. Finally, I bought 3 rabbit lanterns, 2 small ones and 1 medium one. They cost about HK$60 total.

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