Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fine Dinner @ Stanley

I went to have dinner at
Mijas Spanish Restaurant
at Stanley Plaza last night.

The mood was good there.

I ordered a Virgin Colada and my friend a house white wine ($48/$56)

Garlic Bread was served first ($25)

This is my favourite.
Serrano Ham with Asparagus ($88)

Clams in White Wine Broth ($85)

The special Roast Suckling Pig was crispy ($160)

Another favourite of mine...
Squid Ink Pasta ($155)

After dinner, we walked along the bars on Stanley Market Road.

The night scene of Stanley Plaza is beautiful.

We can see lanterns decoration as the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming (Sep 25) !

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George Lee said...

The food is very attractive. I wanna try next time.