Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cuisine of Hong Kong - Yum Cha (飲茶)

Today morning, I go to Chinese restaurant with my family (Dad, Mom, brother and his wife) for Yum Cha.

Yum Cha is one of the most popular Chinese tradition for family gathering in holidays. Families can have a nice chat with each others, read magazines and newspapers. Sometimes, my families discuss family issues and I found that it is even more faster to come to decision. :>

There are a lot of DimSum (點心) being served in restaurant. My favorites are Steamed rice-flour rolls, Steamed pork dumpling, Steamed shrimp dumpling and many others. You can see below a photo I took this morning that a waiter is carrying a trolley around. The trolley contains a varities of DimSum. A list of DimSum names is placed at the front of the trolley.

By the way, do you know the meaning of putting the teapot-cover over the rim and the handle? I guess you get it right. It is a traditional practice to ask for refill the teapot.

You can get your own favorite DimSum dishes here:

Here is a link listing most of the DimSum name in English and their photos:


Edmond said...

I love to Yum Cha. I go with my familym, or my friend almost every week. :)

On On said...

There are seldom restaurant with "trolleys" now. Please show me some. Thanks.

George Lee said...

The one I went for Yum Cha with trolleys is Maxim restaurant.

More information can be obtained at