Friday, November 9, 2007

Chop Street (圖章街, Man Wa Lane, 文華里)

The Chop Street is located in Sheung Wan (official name is Man Wa Lane), it is just a small lane with kiosks. Most of them are selling chops, or name card printing service. It is an old street, decades before, those kiosks are printing name card with traditional way, using the stamps and hand-driven machines to print name cards one by one, so, it became a scenic spot before. However, nowadays, the printing way is modernized, but the chop business is still staying in this street.

You may go there to have a chop with your name, it can also be in Chinese character. You can see two tourist is enjoying the chops at one of the store.

Transport: Exit E1 or E2, MTR Sheung Wan Station

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