Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Chinese Style Breakfast

Besides "Yum Cha" and "Yum Sai Cha", congree, "Rice noodle roll (Cheung Fan, 腸粉)" and fried noodles are typical canton style breakfast in Hong Kong. Last week, I went to have this for my breakfast. We also ordered "Yao Tiao" and "Soy Milk" (豆漿).

It is yummy that this kind of Chinese Style Breakfast are still very popular in Hong Kong, especially in Winter. The hot congee make people feel very warm. This kind of restaurant is normally known as "Congee Shop" (粥鋪, 粥店).
"Yao Tiao"(油條, 油炸鬼) are only deep fried flour, however, it is cripsy, so it is very good taste.

"Cheung Fan" is maded by rice noodle, it delicious by adding a little bit soy and sweet sauce.

Rice Noodle Roll is also translated as "Steamed Noodle Roll".

You can find these food at Oceanic Empire Restaurant (海皇粥店), which is a chained congee shop, also, those food are provided for the whole day, not only breakfast.
Congee - $6 - $25
Yao Tiao - $6
Cheung Fun - $8 - $15
Fried Noodle - $8
Steamed Rice - $21
A set meal can be DIY, about $30-40 per head.


GREICE said...

ok! Thanks ! Kisses.

Edmond said...

Hi greice,

Thanks for visiting. :)
Hope you will come to visit Hong Kong . :D

On On said...

Can you provide some addresses of "Oceanic Empire Restaurant"? Thanks.

Edmond said...


here is the website of Oceanic Empire:

Address of some shops:
Wan Chai
Basement & G/F., Simsons Comm. Bldg., No. 137-139 Johnston Rd.,Wan Chai, H.K.
(Opening: 0600-0200, Tel: 25750417)

Causeway bay
Shop No 4-5 on G/F., Excelsior Plaza, 24-26 East Point Rd., Causeway Bay, H.K.
(Opening: 0600-0200, Tel: 28906827)

Mong Kok
G/F., No. 22 Mong Kok Rd., Kowloon.
(Opening: 0600-0200, Tel: 23960126)

Yau Ma Tei
G/F., No. 497A Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Kln.
(Opening: 0600-0200, Tel: 23856732)

追影族 said...

As far as I know, there are different price in different shops. I once found that the price of food in Hung Hom shop was lower than that of Hollywood Plaza shop.