Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Panda Channel (熊貓台)

An An, Jia Jia, Le Le, Ying Ying. (安安, 佳佳, 樂樂, 盈盈)

They are the names of the pandas living in Ocean Park.

It is wonderful that we can see panda in sub-tropical region. Those four pandas are directly from mainland China. Ocean Park simulate the climate of Sichuan Province, (located at the southeast of China) in order to let the Pandas to approporiate enviroment to live.

Tourists can visit the Pandas in Ocean Park. However, Ocean provides a TV Channel called "Panda Channel (熊貓台)" in order to put "closed-circuit television" of tha Panda Home in Ocean Park online. You can visit them online, at any time and any place.

The photos below are capture from Internet, and nOW TV.

(Left) Website -
(Right) PayTV - nOW TV Channel 503 (Channel number maybe different in Hotel TV System)

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