Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Plastic Bag

Park'n Shop, one of the chain supermarkets in Hong Kong, announced not to provide plastic bag to customer. It is aimed to encourage customer not to use too much plastic bags. To save more resource of the earth, people are being educated not to waste too much, as well as those stuff that are not bio-degradable. Customers are encourage to donate $0.2 for each plastic bag, if necessary.

Besides Park'n Shop, most of the major chain store are joining a campaign called "No Plastic Day" on every Monday. Moreover, McDonalds having "No Straw Day" twice a month.

So, be reminded, bring your own bag when shopping at supermarket. To save our earth, everyone need to take part. :)

1 comment:

COMP 5331 said...

Personally, I support the act.

But, be aware of not abuse the environmental bags.