Friday, November 2, 2007

One City, One Rail System (MTR)

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, you may beware that there are two mass rail system in Hong Kong: MTR and KCR. The two systems are running independently, and it is almost no overlap in service area, but with some interchange stations.

KCR mainly cover the West and East of the New Territories, and provide two ways to connected to Shenzhen, mainland China. MTR is mostly underground and running in the urban area of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and also provide the Airport Express.

However, the government decided to merge two system, in order to provide one mass rail system in Hong Kong. If a journey need to cover both KCR and MTR, you should paid fare to both system. However, after 2nd December, 2007, the two systems are merged together, you can use one fare to travel a trip all between any lines of the rail network.

The new company will called MTR, however, in Chinese Name, the meaning will be "Hong Kong Railway", all the KCR station will be renamed to MTR station.

So if you are planning to visiting after December, please beware of this change. :)

MTR (left logo), and KCR (right logo) will be merge to MTR in 2nd December, 2007. The new company logo will be the same as current MTR, and the name will be MTR. The picture is Nam Cheong Station, a station that current as a interchange station of both network, after merging, the role will change to "line interchange station".


Kapil A Suvarna said...


Could you tell me if MTR and KCR are merging after 2nd Dec 2007...Will I be able to use the 3 days unlimited Airport Express on both the lines...Will the "Unlimited be for KCR too" ?

hktour said...

Hi, according to MTR, the detail of the new fare system will be announce 2 week prior to merging. I think your problem can be solved when they announce those information. :) Stay tune.