Sunday, November 4, 2007

Put Chai Ko (砵仔糕, Canton Style Pudding Cake)

Put Chai Ko is another famous Hong Kong style snack. However, it is originally from somewhere is Guangdong (Canton). It is a soft, palm size sweet pudding, placing is a small bow., whioch is the name "Put Chai" come from. The "Kao" means puddings, is a kind of white or yellow sugar, with red beans insides.

It is a steamed cakes, yummy and most Hong Kong children loves it. :)

You can get these pudding at some old style bakery, and some traditional vegetarian restaurant . Moreover, most supermarket named "SUPERSTORE" also sell this pudding. It cost about HK$4-5 each.

According to wikipedia, Put Chai Kao have several english translations, here is a list for your reference: Put chai pudding, Earthen bowl cake, Bootjaigo, Red bean pudding, Bood chai ko Sticky rice pudding.

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