Friday, November 30, 2007


Shenzhen is located at the north of Hong Kong. It is a mainland China city, which is classified as a special economic zone. It is a modernized city. Some visitors like to have a one day trip to Shenzhen. It is encourge to take Shenzhen Metro to ravel around the city.

Visa is necessary to go to mainland China. However, visa only for
Shenzhen can be apply at the immigration counter at Shenzhen. It is suggested to use MTR(KCR) to Lo Wu Station or Lok Ma Chau Station in order to enter mainland China. You can interchange
with Shenzhen Metro at both port.
Shenzhen is a big city. The metro cover most of the urban area, you can enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment by metro.
The design of Shenzhen metro is similar to Hong Kong MTR, so you can enjoy the journey there.

Yuan (RMB) (The currencies in mainland China) is suggest to use in Shenzhen, the rate to Hong Kong Dollar is 1 Hong Kong Dollar to 0.94 Yuan, it is recommanded to exchange Yuan in Hong Kong.

Detail of the Visa: Only for Shenzhen and 7 days. Apply at the Shenzhen custom counter at Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau. Fee ($150) and photo is necessary for such Visa, also, your valid Passport is also needed. Operation Hour: 9am - 9pm. Hope you can enjoy a trip to Shenzhen.

(The information of visa are reference fro Yahoo! Knowledge, original version is in Chinese,

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Rin said...

hi there.. how to take the MRT from shenzhen to Hong Kong instead? what is the cost like?

Edmond said...

Actually Shenzhen MRT and Hong Kong MTR is two seperate networks, and you need to pass through the immigration of both cities. However, you can two Shenzhen MRT Line 1 to Luohu Station then interchange Hong Kong MTR at Lo Wu Station. Or Line 4 at Futiankouan Station then interchange Hong Kong MTR at Lok Ma Chau Station.

The fare of Shenzhen MRT is $2-$6. Hong Kong MTR fare is $4-$44