Monday, October 22, 2007

Bakery? French Fries? Wings?

There are many Hong Kong style snacks along the streets in crowd areas like Causeway Bay and Mongkok. I just recommend this "cake shop" - Danish Bakery. People always queue up not because of its bread and/or cake, but they are looking for the famous hotdogs, french fries and chicken wings. You can located Danish Bakery at the corner of Caroline Hill Road in Causeway Bay.

Transport: Bus Route 10 from Central


Sylvia Suyeon Wong said...

This bakery is right down the road from my house!
There is always a long queue of people that extends out onto the road. I dont really understand all the hype about what looks like a simple hotdog.
Although I have to admit, the smell almost tempts me into joining the line as well :P.
In order to fully understand the hysteria, I guess I'd have to try one of their hotdogs myself.

George Lee said...

hi Sylvia,

Thanks for your visit.

Hope you enjoy our blog. :)

Any idea you can give us to improve our blog?

Anonymous said...

OOooh i totally love this bakery. The chef's make my all-time favourite Fish Burgers there (Yuet lo baw) xD