Monday, October 1, 2007

Flower Market and Bird Street

Flower Market and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden - This is a street market near the Mong Kok KCR station with lots of flower shops and street hawkers. Besides fresh flowers and plants, they also provide colourful displays, sweet scents and exotic blossoms of many houseplants. During Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, thousands of people will come here to buy flowers.

A few steps forward, you will see the Bird Street, or sometimes called Bird Market. It is one of the most popular outdoor markets in Hong Kong. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a Chinese-style theme park. You can find all sorts of birds in the Bird Streets. Beautiful caged birds, songbirds, birds for release, large macaw and even tiny sparrow are all can be found in Bird Street.

If you like birds and flowers, you must not miss it.

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peterwatts said...

Here are a couple of 360 panoramas of the Flower Market Street and the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden which also give a flavour of these two places.