Sunday, October 14, 2007

Roasted Chinese Chestnut

It's getting cold in Hong Kong, wouldn't it be great if you find something hot and delicious for your snack?

I would highly recommend the Chinese Sweet Chestnut! I know you must have ate chestnut before, but not the Chinese one. These chestnut are native in China and we still roasts it with the anicent method. Personally, I do not prefer those using a machine to roast the chestnuts, it's because those chestnuts do not smell as good as that using the traditional way. (Maybe I'm a old-fashion guy, haha)

I bought 1/2 lb roasted chestnuts and it costs HK$12 only. If you've bought them, you must not set them aside to let them cool! The marvellous thing of roasted chestnuts is that you must eat them as soon as possible! Feel the heat and smell it! I could not stop eating them. I wish I could also let you smell them instead of just showing the photos.

Besides chestnut, the hawkers also sell roasted sweet potato and roasted eggs, give it a try!

It's not easy to find those hawkers selling roasted chestnuts. You need to find it by chance, however, you may try to find them in these locations:

1. Near the entrance of Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui
2. Under the bridge between Argyle Street and Yim Po Fong street in Mong Kok

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