Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Reptile House (Tuen Mun Park)

This is the first Reptile House in Hong Kong. Although it is just a small exhibition room, with 245 square metre area, displaying some reptiles inside Tuen Mun Park. However, it is quite interesting that you can watch snakes closey. The Reptile House opened in 1999.

I saw bamboo snake, Tortoise, different types of Gecko, Lizard and Dragons in the Reptile House. Actually, The Reptile House is now having 20 species comprising of 43 live, which is displaying inside.

Most species of reptiles are "protected animals" that you cannot import to Hong Kong, moreover, it is even prohibited to raise at home.

Tuen Mun Park is the central park of the Tuen Mun Town, a mainly residential area in north- west part of Hong Kong. A large shopping mall called Tuen Mun Town Centre is opposite to the park. Beside The Reptile House, the park has an 1 hectare artificial lake, Water Cascade, Model Boat Pool and more than 2000 trees, to provide a great green area for the peoples live in this district. There are some amateur playing Chinese classic musical and song in the park, there is a booth for them to enjoy themselves. The following video is showing the musical, this is similar to those in Temple Street in evening, however, they just play for enjoying themselves during daytime.

Opening Hours of the Reptile House: 9am - 6pm daily
Opening Hours of the Park: 24hrs
Admission: Free for the Park and the Reptile House
Transport: Exit B, KCR Tuen Mun Station

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