Friday, October 19, 2007

Hong Kong style wedding invitation cards

In Hong Kong, the period of October - December is a peak season for MARRIAGE. Many Hong Kong grooms and brides like to have their big days during this period. (In Chinese wordings, we call marriage as "close the sky window"). This is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture.

This is my friend, Chanel & Kelvin's wedding website. Their took gorgeous wedding photos. Take a look and sign the guestbook to bless them, thank you ;)

Just last week, I received 2 wedding banquet invitation cards from my friends. I expect to receive one or two in coming weeks. :)

Here shows 2 invitation cards I received recently and the one I hand-made by myself in my wedding.

The leftmost one is my masterpiece.

You may discover there is a Chinese word printed on all the card. Can you find it? Yes, it is "double-happiness", "喜喜".

Red and Gold are lucky colors in Chinese culture, so you NEVER find a white, blue or black wedding cards because they are sad colors.

Here are the close-up.
The bride is my wife, the groom of course me. :>

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