Friday, October 19, 2007

Tai Mei Tuk and Plover cove reservoir

Tai Mei Tuk is a famous outdoor recreation site in Hong Kong. It is located in the Plover Cove Country Park.

This is one of the little boat wharf. You may take a boat or enjoy your fishing time here.

There are many public BBQ sites and BBQ shops around Tai Mei Tuk.

If you don't like BBQ, you would attracted by the different restaurants. There a number of HK style restaurants, western style and even Thai food.

Plover cove reservoir is the second large reservoir in Hong Kong. It is enowned for its magnificent main dam. Measuring near 2km in length and some 24 hectares in area, it is Hong Kong's longest dam. It is also the world's first "reservoir in the ocean".

People enjoy riding bicycle while some of them like to walk on the dam. You would also see a lot of people fishing and lot of kite flying on the sky.

Somethings you should know and keep it mind. He did ride fast. Look out!

Remember to bring your camera and feed the battery. It is one of the great position watch sunset.

Transport: Bus 75K from Tai Po Market KCR Station

For more information, please find it here.

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George Lee said...

There is a government water sport centre at Tai Mei Tuk. It provides dinghy sailing, wind surfing and canoeing. I used to spend holidays there with my friends for sailing. Really a good place. :)