Monday, October 8, 2007

Feel the Tsing Ma Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge is one of the great infrastructures, and also a sign of Hong Kong. You may wonder how to have a good look to it, besides travelling by bus or train. It completed in 1997, spanning of 1.3 kilometer.

Tsing Yi, is an island that being a very importation linking Lantau Island and Kowloon, the Airport Express and the main Highway (Lantau Links) are passing through this island when you travelling from the airport to the city. We can climb up to the small hills at Tsing Yi, to overlook the great appearance of Tsing Ma Bridge. However, it is just a jogging trail, therefore, you and me can easily go there and enjoy the good scenic spot there. Besides, you can also have a good daytime form taking in fresh air there.

The Tsing Yi Nature Trails (or called Kwai Tsing Reunification Health Trail) is located beside Cheung Hang Estate (or Cheung Wang Estate Bus Terminus). You can simply take bus there and will see the entrance of the trail beside the bus terminus. Follow the sign to walking up the hill, you will see Tsing Ma Bridge, Ting Kau Bridge, Kup Shui Mun Bridge, the water channel under the two bridges, Ma Wan (Park Island) and the container port. It is also a good place to enjoy the sunset. However, please bring along with torch is you really want to stay in evening time.

There is a shopping arcade at Tsing Yi MTR station, you can enjoy shopping, or have a break with coffee, dinner there.

Green Mini Bus 409 from Exit B, Tsing Yi MTR Station or
KMB 248M, from Exit A1, Tsing Yi MTR Station


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Edmond said...

Hi Jpoon,

Thanks for your comment. The exhibition centre you mention is in Ting Kau, also know as "White House" sometimes.

It is right that the view to Tsing Ma Bridge there is quite good, however, as you said the opening hour is rather short and will close at 5pm.

Moreover, the transportation to there is quite trouble for visitor, except taxi. So I haven't mention "White House" and also the "Visitor Centre " in North West Tsing Yi.


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Well, you can take minibus 96C at Tsuen Wan MTR Station. You may also take bus no. 53/234B from Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan. The bus stop is just outside the exhibition centre.