Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nga Chin Wai Walled Village (衙前圍村)

Nga Chin Wai Walled Village, with history of about 600 years, is the only “walled-village” in the urban area of the city. The government is making agreement with the developer (who holding about 70% of ownership of the village) to redevelop the area. However, some of the historical construction will be not be destroy.

There is a temple of Matsu there, together with a few number of houses, which is supposed to be kept under the project. The newly developed area will become building which is starting to construct at 15 meter above the ground floor. The ground area will become a park, however it is still in design stage, hope to see the new look of this new area.

The walled-village is still there at this moment. There is a few number of residents there, let’s go to have a look before the redevelopment.

Green Mini Bus 20M, from Exit D, Wong Tai Sin MTR Station.
Better ask the driver to stop for you at Nga Chin Wai Walled Village .
(Chinese character: 衙前圍村)

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追影族 said...

I'd suggest to take any minibus to Kowloon City/ Mong Kok/ Castle Peak Road from exit C2. The fare is $3, and the minibus stops next to the village.