Monday, October 22, 2007

Elements - Shopping Mall of MTR Kowloon Station

"Elements", the newest Shopping Mall in Hong Kong.

Since the station started operated nice years ago, it is just a quiet place, only for the airport express interconnection. However, a new shopping mall, Elements, here was grand opening in October, it is great that the shopping mall may bring more traffic to the railway station.

The shopping mall called "Elements", it is connected directly to the railway station. The mall is divided into five areas, with different topics of Wu Xing: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, which represent the "Five Elements" (or Wu Xing) in the natural phenomena of the traditional Chinese philosophy.

Besides stores, the shopping mall also equipped with food court, cinema and skating court. the combination of the business is quite similar to megaBox in Kowloon Bay, however, the area is wider, with compare to megaBox, people may feel more comfortable to be here. Come to Elements next time you visit Hong Kong.

Transport: MTR Kowloon Station or any bus to MTR Kowloom Station, for example 281A from Mong Kok.

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