Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Temple Street

You may hear “Temple Street” is one of the bazaars in Hong Kong. I was being there last Sunday evening and met some tourists.

Temple Street, one of the famous street markets, is located at Yau Ma Tei. It is crowded in the evenings, and it is sometimes called Men’s Street, as there is another street market in Mong Kok called Ladies’ Street.

Since it is Men’s street, you will find some men’s fashions, however, as it is popular to tourist, the “fashions” are more or less T-shirts with Hong Kong style, or Chinese characteristics. Cultural stuff can also be found at the stalls, various types of toys can also be found.

Moreover, some Chinese food stalls are located along the street, you can have the local style dishes and snacks there Moreover, some “Dai Pai Dang” located in the street.

The singing part and Chinese operas will be performed, you can have a look at the traditional local culture in the city. Fortune tellers are also doing their businesses in the street, you can ask the tellers questions about your background and/or future by your face and/or hand.

Transport: Exit A, Jordan MTR Station or Exic C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station


George Lee said...

In my memory, there are many Hong Kong movies with scenes taken at Temple Street.

Carol Chan said...

Hey, let's talk something about shopping malls in Hong Kong.

Edmond said...

Hi Carol, thanks for your comment. We are preparing to post something about shopping mall in the future. Hope you will be enjoyed here. Stay tuned. :)

Alexandra said...

Your blog is very helpful for research into my trip to Hong Kong this coming January. Can you please tell me about how much (in Hong Kong dollars) I should be looking to spend on one of the T-shirts pictured here from Temple st?

Edmond said...

Hi alexandra, thanks for your comment, and nice to meet you here. Those T-shirts in Temple are about HKD 50 - 100, not expensive.

onon said...

Hi Alexandra, you may bargain for a much reasonable price for everything in temple street, for those t-shirts, maybe $100 for 3 :)